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As the daughter of a hippy-feminist, I believe that women should NOT have to choose between raising a family and having a career. It’s certainly difficult to manage a 24-7, highly demanding job like motherhood plus a career with demands of its own. With our own creativity and persistence, a helpful partner and support from communities like, we can make it work. We ARE the stronger gender, after all!

I began my WAHM experience in January of 2006, when my daughter was one month old. She, now four-years-old, goes to preschool two days per week. I had the opportunity to work in-house with one of my clients for those two days over the last couple of years, then working at home the rest of the week. Being able to actually work WITH other adults was great. I am now back at home 100% of the time with my six-month-old. My daughter enjoys her school days and it’s a good time for me to have some one-on-one with the baby.

I love my work, second only to my family. I am an odd contradiction of left and right brain. On the one side, I enjoy designing the graphical part of websites, editing photos and other creative pursuits (even off of the computer!) then on the other side of my brain I get so excited about writing code for the back-end of websites that my husband rolls his eyes when I tell him at dinner all about how all the if/then statements work together! I know… I’m a geek.

I’m a busy person, too. I love being busy. When I have some down time with no website projects to work on, I have to find things around the house to keep me occupied. On those days my husband arrives home from work, looks around the house for whatever I have “accomplished” that day and just says “you need a website to work on, don’t you?”

In this BLOG I will share some of my successes, failures and advice from my four years as a Work At Home Mom.


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