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Add Font-pictures to Your Website


Did you know that you can add lots of symbols and pictures to your website using your existing font? They’re known as Unicode characters. It’s as simple as knowing a few bits of code. For example typing ❤ will give you ❤. If you’re using WordPress to type a blog post or content for a page, just click over to the Text editor (top right of the content box), type the ❤ code and click back to Visual editor. Below is a quick cheatsheet of some useful unicode characters, there are lots more here: including domino tiles, playing cards, numbers with borders around them, gobs of icons and non-english letters.

 ☀  ☀
 ★  ★
 ☎  ☎
 ⚑  ⚑
 ¢  ¢
 ©  ©
 °  °
 🌎  🌎
🏠 🏠
 💾  💾
 🔍  🔍
 📄  📄