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  • Why does my website ALWAYS have to be updated??

    Does it seem like every time you turn around your website needs to be updated for some reason or another? And it’s not just a matter of keeping the content up to date, things that worked one day will sometimes just *poof* stop working. Why is that??? The answer lies in the long-standing tug of…

  • Some of My Favorite Stock Photos

  • How to Communicate with Your Web Designer (cont)

    Continued from How to Communicate with Your Web Designer The List of Websites This is often combined with The Word Document and is a list of websites the client likes, or sometimes they just like one particular aspect of a site. Either way, the intent is never to copy the other sites, but to communicate the look…

  • How to Communicate with Your Web Designer

    My clients run the full range from nerdy-tech-savvy to completely computer illiterate and they all get their ideas across to me in different ways: The Word Document This is probably the most common way people get their information to me. They open up Word and lay out their text in roughly the way they want including…

  • The Oregon Trail Generation… Yeah, We’re AWESOME

    I found this article last week: The Biggest (And Best) Difference Between Millennials and My Generation I LOVED it! Every bit of it is so true! I was born in 1980, right smack in the middle of this micro-generation between GenX and Millennials. I’ve always felt some connection to both of those generations, but not belonging to…

  • Happy to be home!

    Last week my husband and I went up to Alaska. Out of contact for an entire week! We had a great time, here are some of our highlights:

  • I’m FREE!!!

    The kids are back in school! (most photos here are from, a GREAT resource for free photos.)

  • About Liz, an interview

    Your artistic work Why do you do what you do? I love to design graphics and interfaces that people will actually USE. I’m so thrilled when I have designed a database or website then see that people are really using it. From planning out all of the complex interactions to laying out pages in a…

  • Website Maintenance Review

    It’s good practice to do a review of your website regularly. For the most part, you can do this yourself. Just click through to make sure everything’s working and all of your content is up to date. But it’s a good idea to have your web designer to a good, thorough review of your site…

  • Learning WordPress

    Check out the instructions for updating and running your own wordpress website! Learning WordPress