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Glowing Praise from a New Client

Websites by Liz ( is an excellent company with which to partner.

I am 100% satisfied with Liz Rickaby’s professional services and highly suggest that anyone searching for excellent results partner with her.

She is extremely knowledgeable!  Additional action words include honest, thorough, timely, creative, and caring. Liz is also an excellent communicator.

Before the fortunate Liz meeting, I contracted with another large (and expensive!) production company to build and design the Sparkling Hollywood Fix a Lash website.

The production company’s “Project Manager” concept sounded productive (fancy!), but a better word would have been “Careless Middleperson”.  Most of the time, I was restricted from speaking directly to those performing the work, which resulted in numerous requested actions incorrectly performed. Having “too many people in the kitchen” was a major disadvantage! An example was asking for the Share with a Friend (website) option and receiving a YouTube share module!  Usually, the company required a two week timeframe to complete updates. Being told I said X, Y, and Z when I absolutely knew otherwise left me frustrated and feeling as if I wanted to tear out my hair!

At one point in time, their number of careless errors was so overwhelming that I honestly wondered if the lack of understanding was due to prescription drugs to treat learning disorders.

Upon realizing the person was unqualified for the held position, I further informed the company of the errors and my thoughts.

Fortunately, “Liz saved the day!”  She quickly corrected everything the former production company’s numerous employees could not seem to correctly achieve over several months.

Speaking directly to Liz on the telephone was a breath of fresh air! Often she immediately performed the work while communicating with me.  The results were instantly available!

She listened attentively, asked questions, and performed with ultimate integrity.

Liz is 100% qualified. She completed in a few days the same amount of work the former production company would have taken numerous months to finish and charged nearly 400% more money to perform.

As web maintenance needs occur, I will again use Liz Rickaby’s professional services.  (

Again, I highly recommend Liz Rickaby because of her personal abilities and overall skillset.



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