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How to Communicate with Your Web Designer (cont)

Continued from How to Communicate with Your Web Designer

The List of Websites

This is often combined with The Word Document and is a list of websites the client likes, or sometimes they just like one particular aspect of a site. Either way, the intent is never to copy the other sites, but to communicate the look and feel that they’re going for.

The Cut and Paste

I have had clients type up the text they want and print it out along with the graphics and photos they want to use. Then they use scissors and glue to literally cut and paste it all together the way they want. This is a completely acceptable way to get your ideas across to me, just do send me the original files, too.

The Uncertain

Some people just aren’t sure what they what. They will give me (or I will ask for) some information about their business and what they want their website to do and how they want it to feel but beyond that, aren’t really sure. That’s ok, I can look at the information provided and give some recommendations to help guide the decision process.

The Wishy-Washy

This is the only one that I will actually complain about. It’s the clients that are aware that they need to have a website, but have no idea what it should look like, what it should do or what it should say and don’t expect to have to answer those questions themselves. I’m happy to assist with exploring and developing your online needs, but you know your business better than I do, I can’t make it all up myself.