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‘I don’t know how you do it!’

I’ve had many people, mostly SAHMs and working non-moms, tell me that they just don’t know how I ‘do it.’

Well, it’s a combination of a few things:

  • Organization – I am an organizational freak, everything is planned out and thought through ahead of time, with the understanding that life with kids is sometimes completely unpredictable… but I usually have a plan for that as well.
  • Smart multitasking – some ‘experts’ insist that multitasking makes you less productive. I disagree, but you have to multitask in a smart way.
  • Partner help – my husband picks up his share of the responsibilities around the house and with the kids. I would NOT be able to do this without a man like him!
  • Love your work – I know it’s not an option for some, but I love my job, it’s my hobby, my ‘me’ time. It’s the part of my life that’s mine and only mine.
  • Independent kid(s) – kids who are age-appropriately independent is a LIFE SAVER when working at home. I don’t feel like it’s healthy for mom to be the kid’s #1 playmate… that position should go to his or her own imagination.

In the next few posts, I’ll go over my tips for the above, and others. I hope somebody out there thinking about becoming a WAHM, already starting out or maybe having trouble making it work will find my experience useful.