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Kids Need “Alone” Time Too

I’ve read questions and comments on forums from moms who are about to have their second child and they don’t know what to do because they’re their first child’s best playmate. I don’t believe that a mom should be her child’s best playmate, that position goes to his or her own imagination. I’m mom, not one of the kids. I spend time every day playing with and reading to my kids, but both of my kids (yes, even the one-year-old) can play on their own for an age-appropriate amount of time. Sometimes Megan plays in her room with the door closed from snack time until lunch time, and sometimes she and John play together near my desk while I’m working, still other times I take a morning off and play with them or take them to the park. It’s all about balance. I enjoy playing with my kids, but I want them to be capable of making up their own play. I don’t feel guilty for teaching my children an important life skill.

Of course, when the kids have been playing on their own all morning, I turn around and EVERY TOY in the room is out!