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Love Your Work

I know it’s not an option for everybody, but enjoying your work makes it much easier to keep going when you have very little time to yourself. For me it’s web design. I love doing it. When I don’t have a paid project to work on, I find a reason to design a site. I’ve done a CRM database for myself to keep track of my clients and personal contacts, a database where my friends and family can share recipes (I print off the recipes and keep them in sheet protectors in a three-ring-binder), I make templates for clients who are on a budget, some sites for charity organizations who can’t otherwise afford a web designer… I just have to keep designing and coding. I love it. From the initial flowcharts all the way to posting it online and knowing people are actually using my work! It’s more than my career, it’s my hobby too. It’s my “me” time.

If you can do what you love to do and make money doing it, or at least find joy in work you already have, it’s no longer just a job. It’s something you look forward to doing each day and you don’t mind the extra effort of making it work with the needs of your family.

… Well, the only part I DON’T like about web design is that annoying part after the fun of design is complete and before the site is live… it’s called the TESTING phase!