Websites By Liz

Web Design for Small Businesses

Once a quarter

  • Update WordPress/plugins/theme
  • Test contact forms
  • Quick visual check

Once a year

  • Full site click-through
  • Full site raw backup

$25/quarter ($100/year)

  • Payments are required to be paid via paypal on a yearly auto-payment plan.
  • Full site raw backup will be done when you first signup, then again yearly at a time I designate.
  • If your site has specific needs that aren’t covered in the standard plan, we will work up a custom plan for you with a quote.

What Maintenance Plan Does NOT include*

  • Changes to site content (text, photos, phone numbers, etc)
  • Changes to the design of the site
  • “Site Down” or troubleshooting not relating to wordpress or plugin updates
  • Replacing a problem plugin
  • Moving the website to a new host
  • Managing domain renewal and DNS
  • Hack recovery
  • Third-party accounts (ie an external client management system or appointment scheduler that resides on a different server).

Feel free to contact me for any of the above, but be aware that it will be billed at my normal hourly rate.

*This is not an all-inclusive list. If you’re unsure if something is included in the maintenance plan, just shoot me an email and ask.

FYI, What I do the First Time

  • Verify site is using security plugin
  • Verify site is using auto-backup plugin
  • Verify site is using good login credentials
  • Clean up unused plugins and themes
  • Run full raw backup
  • Set up webmaster@ email forwarder (for any signups or subscriptions that are needed in the future)
  • Set up dedicated wp login for client (in case you need to reset your password, I won’t get locked out)