Websites By Liz

Web Design for Small Businesses


Payment for hosting and any other third-party fees is required within 30 days of that service being set up. My payment is due upon final approval. If, however, “final edits” drag on and on for months, I will proceed with billing of the to-date work. After payment is received I will give you all login information. Original graphics and code will be available upon request.


You are free to cancel at any time. You will be billed for my time, and provided with all files and logins of paid-for third-party services. If third-party fees are not yet paid for by you, the service will be cancelled so I can receive a refund.

My Fees

I charge $45/hour for my design and coding work. The actual cost of a website varies widely depending on many factors, so for an estimate please complete the Get Started form. If you need a monthly maintenance contract, the hourly cost is reduced in relation to the number of hours the contract calls for. I also may make exceptions in my rate for charity organizations.