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Websites By Liz

Web Design for Small Businesses

Websites By Liz

Web Design for Small Businesses

responsive design

What is a Responsive Website?

Have you ever visited a website on your phone and it didn’t look right, it didn’t work right and you had to keep zooming in and out just to navigate? If so, that site was not responsive. A responsive website adjusts itself depending on the size of the device you’re using.


WordPress Design

WordPress can be a great way to get a website up and going quickly and easily. Plus it’s FREE! What could possibly go wrong??

So much… so very, very much. But that’s ok, that’s what I’m here for.


Other Services

Custom Web Design, WordPress Themes, Basic WordPress Training, Full Online Management, Email Newsletters, Printed Materials, Business Cards… click below to find out about my other services. And if you don’t see something you need, just ask.