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Web Design for Small Businesses

Websites By Liz

Web Design for Small Businesses

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laptop handsCustom Web Design

My custom web design isn’t just some nice-looking graphics stuck together in an HTML editor program. I carefully plan out the page and graphics with Photoshop CS4, and hand-code the HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript and/or Jquery. Why is it important to hand-code? Because HTML editing programs, some more than others, put a lot of “junk code” into the page. Why is this such a bad thing when nobody even sees the HTML? Because 1) editing the page later on can cause unexpected layout issues that can lead to many hours of frustration, 2) if another webmaster comes in after me, neat code will save time and YOU money, and 3) pages with a large amount of content can actually get bogged down, loading more slowly, with too much junk code. Hand-coding is the best way to be sure to have a smooth future for your website.

WordPress Themes

When cost is an issue, I can provide customizable WordPress themes. This will cut down on the design time. The themes can be customized as much as your needs and budget require either by you or by me. Plus, you can make updates to your own website if you want!

Basic WordPress Training

If you want to manage your own website, great! I want my clients to have complete control over their website. I’m happy to show you the ropes in WordPress to get you started. And, of course, I’m always available to help if you mess something up. However, I do prefer if you let me run your WordPress updates or at least ask me before you do it yourself.

Full Online Management

If you’re comfortable with your technical skill, I will gladly help you learn how to make updates to your own website. But if you just want to run your business and have somebody else handle the website, I’ll be happy to do that too. We can set up a monthly maintenance contract for the amount of work you expect me to handle, or just pay hourly if you’re unsure or might go longer periods without needing updates.

Email Newsletters

Some shopping cart software includes a mailing list feature, if yours does not, or you don’t use a shopping cart, there are other options for $20/month and up, depending on the number of emails you expect to send. The nice thing about these services is that the opt-in/out’s are completely automated, reducing your risk of spamming your customers. I will help you set up the service and/or manage your email campaigns for you.

Printed Materials

I run monthly printed newsletter campaigns for some clients, and provide flyers, postcards and brochures. The print company I use is inexpensive, provides a quality product and can be delivered directly to you. Contact me if you would like to see PDF versions of some of my printed work.

Business Cards

Business cards (and letterhead) to match your website? No problem. I can provide full-color 80lb weight cardstock business cards with your logo, or one I design for you. You can also get pre-printed or digital (print yourself) letterhead to match your business cards and website.