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WordPress can be a great way to get a website up and going quickly and easily. Plus it’s FREE! What could possibly go wrong??

Well… a lot actually. First you have to figure out how to install it and adjust all of the settings, which can take HOURS if you’ve never done it before. Then you’ll need to choose a theme so it doesn’t look like a default wordpress site. Add some plugins and figure out how they work. THEN you still have to lay out the content to all of your pages. Depending on which theme you chose, you may not have a lot of options to customize it. And even then, it may not quite look the way you want it to.

That’s where I come in. No matter if you’ve already tried your hand at setting up your WordPress site and don’t like the results or if you haven’t even touched it, if you have a specific design in mind or have no idea what you want it to look like, I can help. I’ve been working with WordPress since 2010 and have done several WordPress conversions, where I took a traditionally-coded website and converted it into WordPress. I have a number of plugins that I love to use and I am familiar enough with them that I can customize them to your specific needs and I know how to customize wordpress itself without the need for plugins.

If you’re concerned about the security of wordpress, I have a checklist of security procedures to help safeguard your site against hacking.

Is WordPress the way to go for every site?

Many WordPress sites unfortunately look cheap, so to keep that from happening I first determine whether WordPress is right for your site. It’s a great resource and can be a powerful tool to help keep you in control of your own site. But WordPress isn’t right for every website. As we begin our conversation I’ll take a look at any functionality you might want your site to have that WordPress doesn’t automatically offer. If so, I’ll look around for existing plugins that will accomplish your goals. If there are no suitable plugins I will consider how much work it would be to customize WordPress to do it, then weigh that customization against coding your website with HTML or PHP. For small businesses and individuals, more often than not WordPress is the answer. If we decide that we will use WordPress, I begin the design process with your needs in mind FIRST, then the requirements of WordPress second. In the end our goal is to have a website that is quick to set up, easy for you to manage yourself and doesn’t look like a cookiecutter Wordpress site.