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The Oregon Trail Generation… Yeah, We’re AWESOME

I found this article last week:

The Biggest (And Best) Difference Between Millennials and My Generation

I LOVED it! Every bit of it is so true! I was born in 1980, right smack in the middle of this micro-generation between GenX and Millennials. I’ve always felt some connection to both of those generations, but not belonging to either. We were kids and teenagers right at the beginning of the computer revolution. We started out our lives without computers in our homes, but now can’t imagine life without them. We remember the radio ads for Windows 3.11, “Windows? On a COMPUTER???” We were thrilled with technology that allowed us to take our music with us and phones without a cord. We’re old enough to remember a time “before” but young enough to embrace the new technology.

The best part is that the author names us the Oregon Trail Generation. Perfect! GenX-ers were too old and mature to play Oregon Trail and the primitive graphics and slow pace would never appeal to Millennials. This is one thing in American culture that is completely unique to a generation that’s less than 10 years wide. I mentioned it to a friend my age, he laughed and said “Perfect!” and the Boomer standing next to him stared at us blankly. I think this needs to be the official name for our generation. Who’s with me?!