Websites By Liz

Web Design for Small Businesses

Self-employed and Work-at-home

Hey, I’m one of you. I get it. It’s hard. You just want to sit down and do your job. But there are a million other things you have to do because there’s nobody else to do them, your on your own. But you don’t have to be! I’ll handle your website or anything else within my area of expertise. In fact, I LOVE to work with other self-employed people. Low budget? Tried to DIY it? Had trouble with a previous designer? Not a problem. I’ve come across a lot of interesting situations and I can almost always find a solution within your budget.

What can I do for you?

Together we can lay out a plan for design, implementation and maintenance of your website that will make you look like the pro you are. Plus we’ll brainstorm a marketing plan that can be made up of any combination of paid advertising, free online advertising, direct marketing to existing clients, social media and viral marketing. Customized to your business style, target audience and budget.

Whatever your needs are, let’s talk!